Clapham Christian Classical School

Tuition Assistance

Clapham School is committed to remaining accessible.

Enrolling a child in a private Christian school represents a choice to make a significant investment in a child’s life. The family has the primary responsibility to finance the cost of this investment to the extent that they are able. Families who are unsure whether they can afford to enroll their children at Clapham School are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance.

The main way God has provided for us is through Clapham's tuition assistance program. We did not know what to expect, but we have always been asked to pay an amount we could afford. God has provided every year, and we continually have new reasons to thank Him for keeping us at the school.

Clapham Parent

How Tuition Assistance Works

Clapham School uses FACTS, an independent, third-party company, to conduct an unbiased and confidential financial analysis to determine a family’s financial need. The school relies on the results of the FACTS analysis to determine tuition assistance apportioned from Clapham School’s annual operating budget.

Tuition assistance is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Clapham School encourages those who may need tuition assistance to apply as early as possible. Usually all funds are awarded by March 15.

Tuition Assistance Process

The school’s commitment to offering need-based tuition assistance is as much a service to the school as it is to the families who benefit directly from it. Over the years it has strengthened the school by increasing the number of qualified applicants and helping many families to invest in a Christian classical education for their children. Follow the steps below to apply for assistance. 

Submit a Student Application

Submit an online student application, along with a $100 nonrefundable application fee.

Apply to FACTS

Complete an online FACTS Grant and Aid Application.

Supporting Documents

Send supporting documentation to FACTS to verify financial information.

FACTS Verfication

FACTS notifies the school when FACTS applications are completed and verified.

Finance Committee Decision

The school finance committee decides each family’s final tuition assistance amount and sends each family a tuition assistance letter.

Assistance Acceptance

Families choose to accept or decline the offered tuition assistance amount. Most funds are awarded by March 15.

Get the help you need.