Clapham Christian Classical School


Enrollment at Clapham

Clapham School's admissions process is a key part of fulfilling the school's vision to equip young men and women to intentionally serve Christ by cultivating his goodness, truth, and beauty in the world.

Tuition Information

Few investments have more potential than your children's education. The way they see the world, the way they approach life, and the depth of their character are all influenced by education. Through your tuition and fees, Clapham School provides a quality classical, Christian education by employing faculty and staff and providing the best services and facilities possible.

How to Apply

Submit an Application

Submit an online application, along with a $100 nonrefundable application fee. The application fee is per student applicant.

Provide Records

For students entering first grade and above, parents must provide report cards for the current year and the previous year.

Testing & Observation

It is the desire of the Admissions Committee to help ensure a student's success at Clapham School. Placement testing and observation provide the committee with additional information to help determine the most appropriate entry point for each child.


Both parents will be called to schedule a parent interview with some or all of the members of the Admissions Committee. In advance of the interview, parents must read the Parent Handbook, which includes Clapham School's Mission Statement, Statement of Faith, and Vision.

Admissions Committee Decision

The Admissions Committee will meet to consider whether to extend an offer of admission to an applicant. For families not seeking Tuition Assistance and who have completed the admissions process by the end of any given month, the Admissions Committee will notify these parents of a decision by the 15th of the following month. For families seeking tuition assistance and complete the admissions process by January 15, a letter will be sent from the Admissions Committee to notify families of admissions and Tuition Assistance decisions by February 15. Applicants who do not finish the admissions process by January 15 will be notified on a rolling basis. The admissions process are all the steps taken from application through the Parent Interview. Older student application process can take up to six weeks to complete. See key dates here.

Online Enrollment

Acceptance letters will include instructions for completing an Online Enrollment Packet. The packet should be submitted within ten days of the acceptance letter date. A nonrefundable $200 enrollment fee per student holds placement in a class for the applicable school year.

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