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The Kim Family

The Kims are family of five, including Serin in 9th grade; Hankyeol in 8th grade, and Hayun in 5th grade. They have been attending Clapham since 2021.
"We know that our children’s time at Clapham School has been a life-changing experience they will always carry with them. We are blessed to have been a part of such a wonderful community and will always cherish the memories we have made here." 

Hannah Bramsen | Theatre Director

Hannah Bramsen joined the Clapham faculty in 2012. Since then she has helped to build the theater program for both Middle and Upper School and helped to shape the Upper School humanities curriculum.
I grew up in Wheaton in a big family, the fourth of six. My two younger sisters and I are all almost exactly two years apart which led our older siblings to start calling us “the three little girls” or sometimes the “three little squirrels." The three of us did most things together and are to this day a very tight knit unit.

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Children familiar with great thoughts take as naturally to thinking for themselves as the well-nourished body takes to growing.