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At Clapham School, we desire to engender in our students’ hearts a strong Christian worldview.



About Clapham School-our story

Our Story

In 2005 a group of families in the Wheaton area conceived the idea of Clapham School because of their desire for a school that was both academically rigorous and authentically Christian. They began praying together weekly for God’s guidance and launched the school with a small group of families in the fall of 2006. 

In 2019, Clapham School equips students in grades K4-12 to intentionally serve Christ by cultivating His goodness, truth, and beauty in the world.



A Christian Worldview



Opening the Door

For Student Discovery

At Clapham School, teachers delight in developing classrooms that encourage an atmosphere of curiosity, discipline, and joy in learning. Many of our faculty have advanced degrees in their fields and years of educational experience. Most importantly, every member of the Clapham faculty professes their faith in Jesus Christ and desires to care for students both academically and spiritually.



How Classical Education

Makes Our Vision Possible

The classical tradition focuses on the disciplined pursuit of wisdom in community.

Classical education is about training students how to think, not what to think, through the seven liberal arts and sciences. Rather than educating just for information, classical education engages in the formation of students, as Christian mentor-teachers guide them to pursue truth, goodness and beauty in all their studies.


A Few Words From Our Families

"Our family moved to Wheaton specifically for Clapham School, and we are so glad that we did! There is no comparison to the quality and richness of the curriculum our children are interacting with on a daily basis."

-Alli Arcadi


"We have watched our two children flourish in the rigorous academic environment, but what we have LOVED the most has been watching their relationship with Jesus grow. Our faculty not only helps the Word of God come alive for children, but encourages them to find truth and beauty in living thoughts and ideas."

-Chris and Ashley Stiernagle


“Our family could not be more grateful for Clapham School! Our four boys are thriving within the loving structure and enriching curriculum, the teachers and faculty are amazing, and Christ is present in everything they do.”

-Rachel Zoeller


"I like to tell parents who are struggling with discipline issues, schoolwork issues, parenting challenges, spiritual dilemmas with kids, that Clapham has served our family in all these areas - some directly and some indirectly. We recognize that God has given us the task of raising and educating our children, and yet He has given us the opportunity to avail ourselves of help in doing this. Clapham is that help - a place that seeks to honour God, and instill this in our kids through educating not only their minds, but their souls as well."

-Sarah Logan

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