Clapham Christian Classical School

Jenna Thompson

Class One


AA degree in Liberal Arts from Bethany Lutheran College (Mankato, MN)


Jenna put her pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts degree on hold when she married her husband, David, a widower, and adopted his two children. She began homeschooling her two oldest and continued homeschooling all six of her children for the next 25 years, completing that journey last spring. In 2017, she became the Campus Coordinator for the Athenaeum Enrichment program for Great Hearts Northern Oaks, a classical charter school run by Great Hearts Academies, in San Antonio, TX. She was the administrator for that program until 2019 when her husband began pastoring a church in Lombard. She has worked remotely for Great Hearts writing curriculum since that time. The Thompsons live in Lombard with their youngest daughter, Ahna. Jenna is grateful for the opportunity the Lord has provided to continue to work with students at Clapham and share with them the rich blessings He has given us in His world and through His Word.


Jenna enjoys long walks with her dog, long books, and long and deep conversations. She loves visiting her grown children and grandchildren in Minnesota and camping trips on the North Shore of Lake Superior as often as she can get them.


Jenna and her family attend St. Timothy Lutheran Church, a conservative, Confessional church, in Lombard where her husband, David, is pastor.