Clapham Christian Classical School

Leah Becker

Class Six
Becker, Leah


Post Graduate Certificate of Education, with a Certificate of Religious Education, University of Glasgow, Scotland
BA in International Studies, with a minor in Biblical Studies, Trinity Western University, Canada


Leah taught third grade at St. Ferdinand School in Chicago, before leaving teaching to work in pharmaceutical sales for several years. When the Lord blessed her with five children in six years, Leah thought homeschooling sounded easier than trying to buckle everyone into car seats for school drop-offs. She spent 15 years home educating her children and working in various teaching positions throughout the vibrant Chicagoland homeschooling community. Her experiences have ranged from teaching watercolor techniques to preschoolers, Latin to middle schoolers, and physics and Greek literature to high school seniors. She has also enjoyed adapting and directing Shakespeare plays for children in her backyard over the summers. Ultimately, what Leah loves most about teaching is the opportunity to share the goodness and truth of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with young people, discipling them in the Christian faith.


Leah enjoys walking her dogs, birding, trying new recipes, eating out with her husband, and watching movies and detective shows with her children.


Joe, Leah, and their children attend College Church in Wheaton.