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College Info Night, Video Session 2 – Clapham’s College Guidance Tools

Clapham School seeks to support our students and parents on their college search journey. We kick off our college guidance each year with College Info Night. In case you missed this year’s event, here is a video of the second session.

charting your future


After joining Clapham School last year, it was important to implement some key tools to help our students and parents succeed on the journey to be placed at the best colleges for our graduates. One of those tools is the College Guidance Checklist. I also created the Personal Inventory. You can download these for free on our website.


In the recording, the first half of the presentation walks through the college application process. There are steps students and families can take to explore colleges and then whittle down choices leading up to the summer before senior year when applications open. The second half of the presentation provides an overview of financial aid. Every family’s financial situation is different, so it’s helpful to understand some of the basics of financial aid. If you want to go ever further in understanding college financial aid, the recent article  “How to Pay for College” from gives some helpful advice.

Clapham School takes a unique approach to college guidance. We help our students begin their journey with a good understanding of where they see God leading them in life with a vision of what God has put them on this planet to do. Then from that consideration of their life’s journey, they can find the college that will most help them accomplish their God-inspired mission. This approach shifts the focus away from figuring out how to “get into” college and reframes the college search by looking for a school that will be an ideal partner to the student.





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