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Craft Fair Entrepreneurs


For some children the entrepreneurial bug hits early. Often, their first venture requires a folding table and a jug of lemonade. The joy of a few quarters jingling in their pocket makes sitting in the hot sun for a whole afternoon worth it.

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There’s a certain togetherness that is felt amongst friends or siblings who work together. There’s a joy that comes from the handshake of a stranger who now has a refreshingly cold drink in their hand. There’s the feeling of victory when sales go well, and big brother sends sister in to “get more lemonade.” Perhaps these rewards are what drive young speculators to launch out into more risky pursuits like craft fairs.

I understand if you chuckled at that last sentence. Most people would not think of craft fairs as risky. It’s not the same as being a broker on Wall Street or risking venture capital in a start-up company. Yet, the same heart-pounding sense of risk is felt by vendors as they stand on the cold concrete of large vendor halls.


The products lining their booths represent a significant financial investment and hundreds of hours of hard work. For some, their sales are crucial to the happiness of their family’s holiday season. For others, sales are a confirmation that their skills are valued and worthy. For all, success is counted not just in dollars but in the happiness of their customers.

I believe craft fairs are precisely what young whiz-kids need to develop the chops to stand out in the world of big business. They will learn how to create and sell a product. They will discover the camaraderie of working with others and the importance of customer relations. For this reason, I am excited to welcome the students of Clapham School to The Wheaton Mom’s Artisan Market on November 16th.


The students participating already have full school schedules and are working hard to plan and organize a table filled with beautiful greeting cards made by Clapham students. They will also have a hand-lettering station available to personalize items purchased from other vendors. All proceeds will go towards Clapham School. I am confident these students will experience all the rewards a craft fair has to offer.


I am also certain that it will be a long day for them. They will eagerly look for you to come and encourage and support them in this venture. You will find Clapham Students and their booth at The Wheaton Sports Center on Saturday, November 16th, from 9 am-4 pm.

Come support our crafters!





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