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Joyful Discovery at Clapham

Clapham School’s model is comprised of three key components:

  • It is Christian and seeks to promote a Christian worldview.
  • It is classical.
  • It is delivered in an atmosphere of joyful discovery.


Of the three parts, “joyful discovery” is what sets Clapham apart from other Christian and classical schools.  Joyful discovery was a term coined by the 19th century British educator, Charlotte Mason, whose pedagogy we employ at Clapham.


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To advance and develop the Charlotte Mason / joyful discovery part of our model, Clapham has joined with Ambleside Schools International.  In this month’s World magazine, Ambleside Schools is profiled and discussed. Click here to read World’s review of Ambleside and to gain a better understanding of what a Charlotte Mason education entails.

In the coming weeks, we will share a series of articles that will better define aspects of the Charlotte Mason pedagogy used at Clapham.




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