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A Mom’s Post-Christmas Reflections

by Heather DeGraff, French Teacher


Christmas can be stressful for a mom. All the responsibilities of planning, gifts, guests, and cooking often fall on her shoulders. Most of what has been planned is accomplished, but when some things are left undone it can be disappointing.

Dec 26


As the holidays come to a close, I am reminded to be thankful. I look at all I have. I love my family; everyone is healthy and growing. I have a home that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I teach students that I care about. I have so much that others might not be able to afford. More importantly, I have a God who loves me, who has given his Son to save me from my sins, on whom I rely to care for me every day.


There are so many who do not have what I have. There are so many without hope in the world. This year I need to remember to be thankful and to share of my abundance with others. I must remember to look at the faces of the people in the store or on the street instead of just passing by without really seeing them. I need to be open to help and share as God prompts.


God, let me see with your eyes and hear with your ears this year, and help me rejoice in the privilege of sharing of what I have.


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