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Mr. Barney Wins Teaching Award!

Mr. Barney Wins Teaching Award! 
by Doug Reynolds, Head of School 
We received exhilarating news on Friday morning that our very own Mr. Barney won a prize for excellence in teaching, which includes a monetary grant to the school for use next year! The Henry Salvatori Prize is awarded by Hillsdale College for the express purpose of  constructively addressing “the perilous state of American education by recognizing and promoting outstanding classroom teachers.
Jason Barney
They further explain that “it is intended that educators and citizens alike will come to regard the Salvatori Prize as a measure of teaching excellence and its recipients as inspiring examples.” The prize money is awarded on behalf of Mr. Barney to the entire school. Mr. Barney, along with the entire faculty, is honored and humbled by this award.
The process began with an application (thanks to Mrs. van Elswyk and Mrs. Reynolds for their hard work on this aspect!) from which Mr. Barney was chosen as one of two final contestants. The application was followed by a school visit from a Hillsdale representative to observe classrooms, and to interview administrators and Mr. Barney. It is very encouraging to receive affirmation from such a credible outside institution that what we are doing here at Clapham is indeed having a lasting impact on the lives of children. This affirmation is also a wonderful support for our strategic initiatives and is one reason why we will be experiencing continued growth moving into next year. If you get a chance, make sure to tell Mr. Barney congratulations!

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