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Senior Thesis Preview 2021: Alexandra Wachs

It’s that time of the year again, when the Seniors of Clapham School display an important outcome of their schooling. The defense of their Senior Thesis is a rite of passage that ushers these well deserving students into early adulthood, as they are empowered and equipped to serve Christ.

Throughout the months of April and May we will share posts featuring the work of each of our seniors. If you are intrigued by these appetizers, be sure to join us for their presentations and defenses during the week of May 10th. More details will be shared as we approach the dates.

Peer Pressure in Adolescence: The Importance of Positive Influences

by Alexandra Wachs

Question: What is your thesis about?

My thesis is about the presence of peer pressure in the everyday life of adolescents and how important it is to for us to be under positive influences. The main focus will be on the positive, negative, direct and indirect affects of peer pressure’s presence in school, in relationships, and in society. It will also address steps to take in preparing our generation and future generations for peer pressure.

Question: How did you narrow down your topic?

I actually began with another thesis in mind, then realize how present peer pressure is in society today and in societies in the past. I also realized that positive peer pressure is just as important as handling negative pressure. Lastly, I wanted to make my thesis about problems I have seen others experience and have experienced myself, so I chose for my thesis to address both negative and positive peer pressure in adolescence.

Question: What was the hardest part of writing your thesis?

For me, making sure every piece of information was backed up.

Question: What surprised you most about the process or the findings?

What surprised me most was present peer pressure is in our daily life.

Question: How will your findings impact your life personally?

My findings made me more aware of the impact of people in my life, the importance of my decisions, and how my daily decisions also affect other people.

Question: How does your faith inform your conclusion?

The reality that God is the one whom we should look to for approval, not anyone else.

Question: How did you experience the process of writing the thesis?

It was a labor-intensive process, but it was also enjoyable to learn more about my topic. I am grateful for the help of my teachers, parents and others during the process.

Question: How are you preparing for the defense?

I am going through any opposing viewpoint that I can find, and making sure every part of my argument is as logical and evidence-based as possible. I will also be having my family drill me with any questions or counter-arguments that come to mind.

Question: What advice do you have for future thesis writers?

My advice would be to write your citations as you go, rather than doing all of them at the end. Make sure to have a broad enough topic, because you have to write so much on that topic.

Alexandra started at Clapham School in Class Four. Next year she will attend Wheaton College and plans to major in business economics with a minor in French. During her time there she will take graphic design classes and voice lessons. She will also be playing on Wheaton’s tennis team.



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