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Senior Thesis Preview 2021: Priscilla Logan

It’s that time of the year again, when the Seniors of Clapham School display an important outcome of their schooling. The defense of their Senior Thesis is a rite of passage that ushers these well deserving students into early adulthood, as they are empowered and equipped to serve Christ. 

Throughout the months of April and May we will share posts featuring the work of each of our seniors. If you are intrigued by these appetizers, be sure to join us for their presentations and defenses during the week of May 10th. More details will be shared as we approach the dates.


Priscilla 3


Social Media and Its Negative Impact on the Voice of the Church

by Priscilla Logan


Question: What is your thesis about?

My thesis is about how the Church interacts with the secular world through the media. Communication has evolved so much, especially in the past couple decades, so I really dove into what that looks like now, and how the media has a negative impact on our communication.


Question: How did you narrow down your topic?

I basically came up with a huge list of things I would want to write about. I think I had the most out of all the seniors this year and it took me a while to decide. Then I eliminated options and explored the last three topics further before narrowing it down to what I chose.


Question: What was the hardest part of writing your thesis?

The hardest part was just sitting down to write it. I realized that after doing so much research, I had most everything that I needed to say in my head already, so I just needed to start typing and getting it down on paper to organize my thoughts.


Question: What resource was most helpful or made the biggest impact on your research or conclusion?

I used little bits of information from many different sources, but I used one study conducted by Barna in 2019 that really highlighted the difference between how unbelievers view Christians and how that affects evangelism.


Barna Group - Infographic: Desired Faith Conversation... | Facebook


Question: How will your findings impact your life personally?

In my thesis I present ideas that can be applied to many different areas of life, not just to the way that Christians use social media. Writing this thesis has given me a strong platform to address how the Church communicates the gospel in general.


Question: How does your faith inform your conclusion?

My thesis cannot be separated from faith as it deals with Christians and the Church. Faith is the basis of everything I write about. I really wanted to talk about an issue that affected the Church. I am hoping my topic will be relevant to the audience and provide new insights into their lives.


Question: What advice do you have for next year’s seniors?

Start writing as you gather information. Stick to the deadlines, if you miss one, you will miss them all (just trust me on this one). There is no perfect topic, as there are many topics that will work for your thesis. I also found it helpful to think about the big picture. In the long run, this step in your education is vital and is really helpful to train you to fully form your ideas. It is different from the other essays you write in Upper School since you will be presenting your own ideas, and it requires a good amount of self-motivation to get it done.


Priscilla has attended Clapham School for eight years since Class Five in 2013. She plans to attend Wheaton College, studying Bible, theology, biology, and languages. She is interested in missions and has already traveled quite a bit. She plans to follow wherever the Lord takes her in the future, whether it be traveling across the globe or staying here in Wheaton.






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